Lional Wigram
 Producer, Writer.
 Executive Producer (Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, August Rush, Arthur & Lancelot, )
 "Sasha turns training from a chore into a pleasure!
 She is  great and she really knows what she is doing.
 You're lucky to have  her as your trainer!"


 Verdine White
 Bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire  
 "I was already in great shape but after going to Sasha's boot camp,
 I'm in excellent shape!
 If you are serious about total fitness, Sasha's methods are full proof!"




 Chris Botti
 Top-selling instrumental   artists
 (Sting, Josh Groban, Steven Tyler,   Yo-Yo Ma, John Mayer)
 "I have asked the hotel staff at the 4 seasons in los Angeles for
 many things over the years, but by far their best recommendation arrived
 a year ago, when I met Sasha. Her enthusiasm and spirit for life makes
 training a pleasure, and while it is never easy, I can see the  benefits
 to my life over night. As an artist, I can relate to her sense  of
 discipline and respect her opinion wholeheartedly. If you or anyone  you
 know is in need of a trainer, introduce them to Sasha! Then hide  from
 them for the first three days until their bodies recover!!!!!!!!"


 Mashelle Clark
 70's girl group-The Honey  Cone's
 "I was interested in strength building and muscle development.
 I got immediate and excellent results.
 Sasha re-sculptured my body and created definition where there was none!
 Her knowledge, patience and sense of humor is the perfect combination for success."




R. Feinstein
Celebrity Video Distribution Inc.
"Sasha has been my trainer for over 3 years. During that time, I feel  that I have greatly increased my strength,
endurance and coordination. More importantly I feel physically and mentally strong.
For anyone desiring to feel more energetic, look better and generally  feel better, I would strongly recommend you
give Sasha a chance to show  you wat she can do. As a consummate professional, Sasha stays with you  through-out the
entire exercise/training time, watching to make sure you  do the right exercise in the right way.
I have had many trainers through out the years but none could compare  to the personal attention provided by Sasha."

Dub $aK
"No doubt..."Sasha is the best trainer ever...she not only helps u build muscle, she helps balance the body and improves
your lifestlye."