Stop the diets balance your food intake!

Many people are going on and off diets instead of changing their nutrition life style. This results into a jojo game played on the body and the mind. Over time the frustration level of ending up with the same unwanted body image, makes it harder on the individual to keep making new attempts.

The first step is to accept and love yourself, then to set a goal and pursue it with healthy habits. This means educating oneself about calorie intake in relationship to your body size, body structure and activity level.

Given your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates to function optimally, your food intake should reflect a daily menu optimized to accomplish your specific goal.

Train your taste buds slowly to enjoy the foods that are healthy for you instead of substituting them with artificial or sugar free replacements. This substitution will not allow you to change your patterns of what your taste buds desire. In addition you are consuming unneeded chemicals, sodium and unnatural substances.

Most people know instinctually when they are consuming the wrong foods. The problem comes from cravings and not knowing what to do when the body is asking for guilty pleasures.

Sasha can show you easy tools how to satisfy your cravings in healthy way while keeping you on track towards your goal. She helps you to balance your diet without having either to starve yourself, overeat or deprive yourself of a delicious meal.