Discovering a passion for physical fitness

Sasha Van Duyn, founder of Body By Sasha, was born in the Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire and raised in Europe. She started training at a young age, motivated by her mother Tina Woodley, who was World Champion in body building and power lifting. At a very young age Sasha learned the importance of keeping your body healthy and fit to maintain a focused and balanced mind, body and soul. Her passion for the arts led her to become a professional dancer and a performing artist.

Due to the extreme combination of sports, track & field and dance, she suffered from severe knee pain at the age of nine . Multiple doctors suggested that she should stop her intense training in order to avoid ending up in a wheel chair. Sasha’s mother showed her how to train herself in the gym to strengthen her joints which enabled her to continue her demanding athletic ambitions up to today.

Today her clients reap the benefits of her extensive experience of being a second generation fitness expert. Her passion and love for physical wellbeing eventually led her to win the Miss Fitness Austria Title.


Her clients come from all paths of life and are of all ages. They range from stay-at-home moms or dads, professionals, entertainment celebrities, athletes to those who are at the beginning of their exploratory journey into a healthier body, mind and soul.


Sasha incorporates the different styles of cardio vascular training from boxing, jogging, spinning, and anything else that will work with the body of her specific clients. Due to her extensive dance background she specializes in core training, posture, toning and enhancing her clients capabilities of developing their own body strength. Using machines, free weights and balancing exercises with balls and bands and anything else that comes to her spontaneously. This keeps the workouts fun, exciting and challenging.


As she has a passion for working with people she finds her clients’ niche and knows how to motive them and keep them inspired.